Tromsø: a new clean energy hub. As one of the first signatories of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Norway’s current target is to reduce its greenhouse gases emissions by 50%, and up to 55% by 2030 compared to the 1990 level, aiming at a 90-95% reduction by 2050. The transport sector is among the largest sources of emissions in the country, accounting for approximately 31%. By producing innovative green fuels, our project Neptun will support achieving Norway’s carbon neutrality.

Worldwide, the current production of ammonia, derived from gas, so-called “grey ammonia”, contributes heavily to the global CO2 emissions. With a potential of 500m tons produced annually worldwide, green ammonia will play a crucial role in the decarbonization of transport and industry.

At Neptun, we aim to convert the city in a key player in the road to green fuels, and position Tromsø as one of the 5 hydrogen hubs for maritime transport.

Apart from reducing CO2 emissions in the city of Tromsø and supporting Tromsø’s ambitions and transition to a sustainable and green business future, Neptun will provide additional benefits, both locally and internationally.

The project will accelerate the necessary and desirable development of Norway towards the usage of green fuels based on Norway’s locally supplied green energies.

Tromsø is already a major Norwegian port, and the hub for most of the larger fishing boats. The city is also a bunkering port for ships such as the coastal express. Project Neptun will increase the importance of the city of Tromsø, increasing services from the port of Tromsø to several of the major ports in Europe. In the future, Tromsø is expected to play a vital role in the ship traffic through the “East Passage” to Japan and China

The region is a central fishing ground where everyone thinks green. The area has a large number of fish farms with a focus on sustainability. Tromsø is already an important export port for frozen fish and its importance is recognized worldwide.

The area of Tromsø will benefit from an increase in new local job opportunities, in particular in construction, production and distribution phases of project Neptun, with consequently additional spin off projects in the region: The project offers a significant opportunity for local companies and institutions to develop projects up-downstream the project’s Neptun value chain, such as chemical or mechanical industries, distribution or research and development.


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